customer's comment

“We decided to buy a unit in MountainFront Condominium after looking at many new condos in Chaing Mai. We think it has the best location with great mountain views. Besides the location, the exclusiveness of being a single corridor building with only 6 units in one floor is also our major benefit”

Glenn and Lorna de Souza, Room 503s
Vice President International Operations
Asia Best Western Hotels and Resorts
"The World’s Largest Hotel Chain"
customer's comment

“I looked in Chiang Mai for a modern, well-designed condominium building in a convenient location with a pleasant view. Effective management of the building to maintain standards was also important.

The design of the building with condominium units on only one side of the corridors and only 6 units in each corridor is unique in Chiang Mai. The flexibility f the developer in agreeing to internal unit design preferences has been a huge benefit in meeting personal requirements. The individual condominiums have a beautiful, uninterrupted view of Doi Suthep over extensive trees. The location is in a prime area of Chiang Mi, convenient to many shops and restaurants, yet far enough away to be a peaceful location close to nature.

The building s set in large grounds for a condominium. The facilities of fitness centre, swimming pool, etc are to be expected but above this are additional facilities, such as small ground-floor units that can be rented for guests and an owners’ storeroom, transport to the shopping area, etc. All this shows thinking by the developer to produce a pleasant home for the owners and in doing sooffer facilities that are unobtainable anywhere else in Chiang Mai.

Management is vital to retaining the value of a financial investment in a condominium and here Mountain Front is taking the same path as its already-built sister development, Conventional Condominium, by employing a professional management company. As seen in Bangkok, but never before in Chiang Mai, professional management is essential for successful running of a complex entity, such as a condominium.

Looking around Chiang Mai, there was simply nowhere else that offered the combination of location, view, facilities and professional management.”

Peter Coeshott, Room 604s
June 2009
customer's comment

“Mountainfront is a very luxurios condo, on a top location, Quiet Surrounding, a beatiful view on the mountains (doi Suthep) A short distace to town (5 Min.) Stadium 700 Sport complex, and a 5, to Huai Tungthao Park a big recreattion area. .”

C.W. Van den Kommer
customer's comment

“ เป็นคนชอบมาเชียงใหม่อยู่แล้ว ตอนแรกที่เข้ามาดูไม่ได้คิดจะซื้อคอนโดเมาท์เท่นฟรอนท์ แต่พอเห็นวิวและการออกแบบฟังชั่นห้องที่ค่อนข้างลงตัวแล้วชอบมาก ซึ่งตัวเองชอบทำเลแถวนี้อยู่แล้ว และราคาก็โอเค จึงคิดว่าเป็นที่ๆเหมาะที่จะเป็นบ้านที่สอง”

เกรียงไกร วังวงค์
Managing Director & Design Director
customer's comment

“ชอบบรรยากาศและทำเล ความสะดวกสบายของการเดินทาง เนื่องจากอยู่ใกล้ตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่ อีกทั้งเป็นทางเลือกหนึ่งของการลงทุนในลักษณะการให้เช่า ซึ่งได้ค่าตอบแทนที่ดีกว่าการฝากเงินกับธนาคาร


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